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Smile Saver Affiliate Program for the RDH, the sure way to enhance your patient's experience for those wearing removable oral devices of all kinds.


Announcing Smile Saver - The best new product for your patients ... providing extra income for on...


For the Patient

Registered Dental Hygienists (RDH) have a long history and strong reputation for being very caring dental professionals to their patients, educating them on the latest product technology innovations that are good for their oral health.

Smile Saver is just such a product.  If your patients are wearing a removable oral device (ROD), here is the best product for them.  It is the Caring, Anytime, Anyplace Protector that all RDHs can really get behind. It is the only fast acting, safe and effective, anytime, anyplace solution for nasty tasting and foul-smelling removable oral devices.  Don't allow your patients to take a chance with device bacteria and its potential problems...introduce them to  Smile Saver - the solution to making fresh and sanitized oral devices a regular part of their life.

Smile Saver is the first sanitizing spray that not only works but is great tasting and portable. It’s easy to use, convenient for on-the-go situations, and rewards the user with a great fresh taste.

For you, the RDH - if you agree Smile Saver is an answer to an unmet need for your patients wearing RODs, read on...

Consider joining our Affiliate Program. We provide educational tools and a personal promo code to participating dental hygienists and oral care professionals. Anyone entering the Affiliate’s code when purchasing Smile Saver on this website receives a generous discount and the Affiliate is rewarded as well.

Simply fill out the form below.  Then complete the enrollment by accepting the Smile Saver Affiliate Agreement terms and conditions and begin providing your patients with the only fast-acting, on-the-go sanitizing spray available for removable oral devices.

Your starter kit is only a couple days away and you can start earning your awards immediately. A member of our Smile Saver Affiliate Team will be contacting you very soon with all the details when we receive your information.  Looking forward to having you on our team and providing your patients with the best solution for good health for their removable devices!

Once you complete the form below and click send, you are agreeing to accept the Smile Saver Affiliate Agreement terms and conditions.

Time to rock and roll...we can't wait to have you on board the Smile Saver Affiliate Team.

If you have any questions whatsoever, call us at 844-SOLURIA or email us at will respond right away!


Please ask us about our Clinical Representative program as well...a broader relationship with Soluria to bring the best technology to the users of removable oral devices in your area, and more income potential as well.  Just send us a note at with your contact information or call us at 844-SOLURIA.  We will respond just as fast as we can and thank you very much for being here.